Westmark Rotary Grater

  • £49.99

TOP RATED HEAVY DUTY ROTARY GRATER: When using Westmarks heavy duty rotary grater, it is guaranteed to be the best grater you have ever used or your money back!

HIGH QUALITY: Very high quality grater that can grate cheese, cucumbers, radishes, and more! Due to its high quality components, it can handle even the toughest grating.

The grater comes with three different cutting stainless steel blades for all types of grating and slicing.

HIGHEST QUALITY WITH TREND AND TRADITION! Westmark of Germany is well known for its quality craftsmanship of kitchen gadgets. Westmark has been making reliable kitchen products for over 50 years. As a specialized and reliable partner, Westmark offers a wide range of practical and uncomplicated kitchen products designed to make cooking and life in the kitchen easier. For traditional reasons, Westmark produces most of their products in Elspe, Germany.