SOTO Micro Torch Horizontal Gas Blow Torch

  • £19.95

The SOTO Micro Torch Horizontal is an ultra-compact pocket blow torch that fits nearly within the palm of your hand. Burning at an impressive 1300°C this windproof torch makes for a great bit of gear to include in your kit next time you go outdoors.

The Micro Torch is refillable and has a large knob for easy adjustment of the flame size.

Complete with a flip-cap to protect the burner head from dust and other debris, which also serves to prevent accidental ignition.

The gas cartridges from which you can refill this item are not included, these are:
– Butane gas cartridge (they type used for lighters),
– Threaded Gas cartridge ( the type used with camping stoves) – this cartridge requires the use of SOTO Fill Adaptor (OD-TRC)