Cockroach Poker Card Game by Schmidt | Ages 8+ | 2-6 Players | 15 Minutes Playing Time

  • £13.99

Can you keep a poker face and bluff your way to victory? In Cockroach Poker, your job isn‘t to win, just not to lose! If you’re caught bluffing, or you call someone’s bluff incorrectly, you keep the creepy critter. Stink bugs, toads and rats are just some of the creatures in this bug-rilliant game. As soon as a player has 4 of a kind, or when a player has no cards left to pass, they lose – and everyone else wins!

Over 1 million copies sold! Cockroach Poker is a game for winners - can you tell the difference between a stink bug and a spider?

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Is cheating wrong? Not in this cheeky card game - in fact, you have to cheat to win! The winner is the first one to discard all their cards. Special ability cards come into action when played. But the key to winning is to make, cards disappear by cheating! You can drop them on the floor, hide them up your sleeve or wherever you can but be careful as you’ll be in trouble if the Guard Bug catches you!

  • Bluffing Game
  • One of the Three Magicians games
  • Easy to travel with
  • Fun for all ages
  • No winner, just a loser!
  • For ages 8+, for 2-6 players