G-Paint Bike Paint - 4 Pack of 10ml Bottles - Touch-Up Paint Kit For Scratched or Chipped Frames

  • £12.99

  • G-Paint bike touch-up paint is perfect for touching up scratched and chipped paintwork on your bike / cycle frame. Suitable for either flat or custom colours.
  • Quick and easy frame paint for chips and scratches. Touch dry in 30 minutes. Simple to follow step-by-step instructions for the perfect repair. This one-stop solution requires no primer or undercoat.
  • Pack contains 4 x 10ml touch up paint bottles. Each bottle has its own fine nib applicator and a child-proof safety cap. Includes a brush, making painting your bike frame quick and easy.
  • Suitable for all bike frames; steel, aluminium and carbon fibre. Mix colours to match your bikes; whether it's a road, MTB (mountain bike), gravel, hybrid or electric.
  • G-Paint also provides added protection. It prevents rust and corrosion once applied to fully protect the applied area, giving your bike a professional finish.

G-Paint bike touchup paint is the easy way to repair scratched paintwork. It's durable, permanent and tough.

Whether you are a regular cyclist or someone who just cycles to and from work, your bike inevitably picks up chips and scratches. G-Paint works in a similar way to car / auto scratch remover pens and enables you to restore your bike frame, pedals or handlebars.

The application is simple! By using the step-by-step guide on the back of the packaging, you will be surprised at how easily and effectively you can remove those scratches, chips and imperfections.

Each 10ml bottle has its own fine nib applicator and a child-proof safety cap. 8 colors available across the full range.

Developed in the UK. This infill paint has been specially formulated to be chip, shock, and chemical resistant, as well as exceptionally durable! Mix any of the paints for color matching.

Please note that G-Paint bike paint is only to be used for small chips and scratches and is not designed for painting large sections of your bike frame. Compatible with: Specialized, Cube, Giant, Trek, Marlin, Felt, Whyte and many more bike manufacturers.