Hnefatafl - The Viking Game. Includes Uniquely Designed Cotton Drawstring Pouch/Bag For Playing Pieces

  • £26.99

Hnefatafl (or King’s Table) is a simple but addictive game of strategy. Recalling a time of feuding Viking lords and violent invasions, Hnefatafl is one of history’s greatest board games!

Hnefatafl is pronounced “nef-ah-tah-fel”. This two player gaming set contains 37 replica playing pieces (one King, 12 defenders and 24 attackers), a decorative linen playing surface, a set of rules, historical information in four languages (English, French, German & Japanese) and comes in a cardboard presentation box.

Dimensions: The linen gaming board measures 29cm x 29cm and the pieces are 3cm tall.
Materials: Each playing piece is crafted in polyresin and the gaming board is made of natural linen.