Fantasy Flight Games | Lord of the Rings LCG: Adventure Pack: Temple of the Deceived | Ages 14+ | 1 to 2 Players | 60 Min Player Time

  • £14.99

One-to-four players assemble a band of adventurers to complete dangerous quests in Middle-earth. From the fields of the Shire and the dangerous Mirkwood Forest, to the mighty kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan, the heroes of this beloved setting join together to resist the Dark Lord, Sauron.

This cooperative game invites players to work together, competing against scenarios controlled by the game. As a Living Card Game, additional cards and quests are available in expansions, allowing for numerous customisation options.

  • Temple of the Deceived is the third Adventure Pack in the Dream-chaser cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.
  • Its sixty cards include a new Leadership hero, twenty-seven new player cards (three copies each of nine different cards)
  • The core encounter set for a thrilling new scenario with innovative new mechanics that carry the game's fantastic explorations to all new heights
  • This is not a stand-alone deck. A copy of The Lord of the Rings: The Core Set and The Lord of the Rings: The Grey Havens are required to play.
  • English Version | Ages 14 | 1 to 2 Players | 60 Min Player Time