SwingClick- Golf Swing Tempo Trainer

  • £18.99

You don't need to have the perfect swing to have the perfect result. But you do need good rhythm, good tempo, good timing and consistency. For the first time, you have a golf training aid which you can take on the golf course on a practice round, use at a golf range, or even practice with at home. Golfers tend to lose their rhythm and tempo on a golf course when they are under pressure and this allows you to practice how to keep your rhythm while playing a game. The SWINGCLICK teaches you to swing smoother, so instead of hitting the ball as hard as you can, you learn to swing the club and allow the club head to generate the speed. It also allows you to create time in your swing, in order for the club head to get back to square. Your ball ends up going further, each shot is more consistent and the golfer ends up hitting more fairways and greens.

The SWINGLCICK is aimed at improving your golf swing tempo, rhythm, timing and consistency
The device clicks at the top of your backswing, at impact and finish, giving you a frame of reference of the ideal tempo of a great golf shot
It teaches you to CONSISTENTLY set the club in the same position at the top of your back swing, finish your backswing and smooth out your transition
By learning to swing the club instead of hitting the ball, it will allow you to create optimum club head speed, instead of maximum speed, resulting in better accuracy
It's simple and easy to use and works for everyone, from Pro's to beginners