SpiBelt FLEX Running Belt

  • £24.99

Lift weights at the gym. Get your abs burning with core work on the mat. Listen to music while you walk or run. The SPIbeltTM Flex is with you at every move. It holds your phone for a hands-free workout and has a headphone port so you can easily listen to music. The Flex buckles at the front so it's comfortable to wear while you're lying or sitting down. As with all SPIbelt products, the Flex is lightweight, bounce-free, and can be worn under or over clothing. Compatible with phones up to 6 ½" long including the iPhone 6S and 7. Bounce-free Front buckle comfortable for floor exercises Headphone port Pocket expands to 6.5″ x 3″ x 2″ (fits iPhone 6S & 7; Samsung Galaxy 3 & 4) Soft, durable elastic Fits waist size 23″ through 50″.

Bounce-free with Comfortable, soft elastic to prevent chafing!
Secure, low-profile pocket that expands to 6.5″ x 3″ x 2″ (fits iPhone 6S & 7; Samsung Galaxy 3 & 4).
Sturdy FRONT buckle and glides for floor exercises and even the most active users!
Pocket has a Headphone port!
Made in the USA and Fits waist size 23 through 50 inch.