Bond-It Fill and Fix Expanding Foam 750ml

Bond-It Fill and Fix Expanding Foam 750ml

  • £8.99

Expanding Foam Filler in a can is a versatile, expanding foam filler that uses a straw nozzle applicator.

Multi-purpose, ready to use foam in a can. Ideal for sealing window or door frame cavities without the use of a PU Foam Applicator Gun. Suitable for sealing, bonding, filling and insulating most construction materials.

It has a predominantly closed cell structure for the minimum gas permeability e.g. water vapour, radon, odours and smoke. It is not suitable for direct contact in areas where surface temperatures may exceed 100°C. For hot surfaces, pre-lag with inert material i.e. fibreglass. Should not be used as the sole method of 'fixing' heavy installations e.g. window frames.

  • Excellent adhesion, more than 40 times expansion
  • Perfect for the small jobs, great value for DIY enthusiast
  • Included straw, negates the need to purchase an additional gun and cleaner
  • Once cured, it can be cut, sawn, painted or plastered over
  • Rapidly fills holes, interior/exterior use, seals irregular gaps