Compeed Anti-Blister Stick, Foot Treatment, Effective prevention of friction and blistering, 8 ml (Pack of 1)

  • £9.99

Invisibly helps to prevent blisters and chafing. COMPEED Anti-Blister Stick is effective in the prevention of friction and blistering. Proven by 9 out of 10 consumers to prevent blisters and chafing on feet. Product use test conducted among 200 consumers in France and Australia in 2004

  • effective against chafing: compeed anti-blister stick acts as a barrier between your foot & your socks or shoes. in a survey, 90% of users reported it prevented blisters and chafing on feet
  • invisible once applied, making it ideal to use when wearing open shoes or sandals
  • handy, portable stick: easily fits in your pocket, bag or first aid kit
  • easy to apply & does not stain: long lasting, non-greasy formulation can be applied to any areas on the foot where rubbing could occur