Porlex Hand Coffee Grinder

  • £60.00

The new version of the Porlex Coffee Grinder comes with a changing stylish. This is now oval square significantly more stable. What's more, Uses the new holder also in duty use. But that's not for the faint of heart. As well as the package is now be the high quality mill. Products are made from where Porlex is, there is Porlex quality in. Both the inner, as well as the outer Malring of ceramic mill, are available with the Porlex logo, one large zip goes all around the top and "Made in Japan. Not only visually, but there's no need to workmanship and grinding result stand out the Porlex Mill due to Nachahmern. And it's the mill now includes a manual instructions are written in English. Compact Mill with lots of grind settings the Porlex Mill uses a high-quality, conical ceramic grinding mechanism. The manufacturing material Ceramic and is well suited for these, as it's extremely sharp, extremely hard-wearing and is also neutral in taste. It works pleasantly quiet and cool while grinding. The spring mechanism ensures a very homogeneous consistency when ground material. Into a Small Wheel can over a dozen different degrees of grinding einstellt, which can be neatly where you cover all coffee brewing methods, from Staubartig Fine Ground Espresso to coarse-grained for the cafetiere.