Precision Hydration Electrolyte Tablets - 4 Tubes of 10 x Tabs (1500 Strength)

  • £39.98

Bundle containing 4 tubes of PH 1500 effervescent electrolyte tablets and an exclusive pack of VPoint Leisure elastic no-tie reflective shoe laces. PH is perfect for runners, cyclists, triathletes, football / rugby players or after any hard workout.
START & STAY HYDRATED: The 1500 tube is designed to help you start hydrated, stay that way and aid recovery. It's typically used before/after intense exercise. Each low calorie, low carb tablet contains 1500mg of sodium per litre (34oz) when mixed as directed.
SAFE & CLEAN: PH is independently tested for a wide range of prohibited substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency list and NSF Certified for Sport in the USA. It is Gluten and dairy free, not genetically engineered and Vegan friendly. Manufactured in Europe. No caffeine.
PERFECT BALANCE OF ELECTROLYTES: Each tablet has a mild citrus taste and contains the perfect mix and concentrate of ingredients to keep your hydrated and prevent those legs cramping. Sodium: 1500mg, Potassium: 250mg, Calcium: 48mg, Magnesium: 24mg. All you need for electrolyte replacement.
PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF SPORTS OR ACTIVITIES: Ideal for all sports such as running, cycling, triathlon, gym, athletics, football, endurance events etc. The perfect product to help you rehydrate and prevent leg and muscle cramps caused by excessive sweating.
Precision Hydration 1500 (formely known as H2Pro Hydrate) is designed to help you start hydrated and stay that way. It's typically used before/after intense exercise. As everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat, there is no 'one size fits all' product when it comes to hydration. That's why PH offer a selection of products depending on your sweat level. 1500 is for the person who sweats heavily and enhances the absorption of water during physical exercise. Implement PH into your training today! Also availabe in sachets with each sachet having a higher carb amount. Please check our other listings.
Directions for use
Before intense, sweaty activity
Dissolve 1 tablet into 500ml (16oz) of water and drink the night before events lasting more than ~3 hours, or those taking place in hot/humid conditions.
Dissolve 1 tablet into 500ml (16oz) of water and drink ~90 minutes before you start. Aim to finish your drink no less than 45 minutes before starting to allow your body to absorb the fluid properly.
During intense, sweaty activity (if recommended in your Personalised Hydration Plan) Dissolve 1 tablet per 500ml (16oz) of water in your drink bottle and drink to thirst