Mountain Fuel Ultimate Recovery Fuel - 4 x 50g Sachets

  • £9.99

Expiry: 6/24

Rest – Recover – Refuel

Strawberry Ultimate recovery fuel is bio-engineered with the ultimate recovery fuel protein matrix to maximise muscle repair and glycogen replacement after exercise. For maximum recovery consume immediately after exercise. Just add milk or water, mix it up, drink, enjoy and recover. Recovery Fuel can also be consumed mid-race in Ultra and Triathlon events, ideally mixing with 200-250ml of water.

Our Recovery Fuel is one of the best tasting and most effective you will find on the market and is our best selling product.

  • [Essential Recovery Tool] - Give your aching muscles what they crave; Mountain Fuel Ultimate Recovery repairs your tired body like nothing else.
  • [Best Tasting] - than many rivals on the market. This multipack contains 2 X Strawberry + 2 X Chocolate ultimate recovery fuel sachets. The nutritionally-loaded fuel is our best-selling fuel for a reason : it repairs quickly and tastes great!
  • [Bioengineered for High Performance] - contains the best nutrition you need to deliver fuel to muscles before and after strenuous exercise. Contains the right blend of high quality protein, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins to refuel after intense exercise.
  • [Versatile] The Ultimate Recovery Fuel can be mixed with milk or water. Consume it either hot or cold, depending on
  • [WADA Safe] contains no ingredients on WADA list of banned substances. These supplements are treated as a food, and contain no performance-enhancing substances.